Sita’s Turmeric Paste Subscription (Ghee Base) 3 person supply, 3 jars per month

$51.00 / month


You are ordering a monthly supply of turmeric paste with an auto-renewing subscription so you never have to run out of precious turmeric paste supply.  Sita’s Turmeric Paste does not spoil, the 7 oz jar will last for 4 to 6 weeks per person.  You can order as many subscriptions as you like  and our system will automatically notify you of your renewal, and we will ship the product out to the address you have on file.

Sita’s Turmeric Paste is pleasant to take, completely safe, and highly effective. Very few natural health products have such quick and perceivable benefits.

You can eat it straight or add it to smoothies, salad dressings or spread it on rolls, toast or crackers.

Sita’s Turmeric Paste ( Ghee Base) Ingredient:   Cured and Aged Blend of Org. Turmeric, Org. Ghee, Raw Honey, Org. Black Pepper, Org. Pippali, Org. Ginger, Org. Cinnamon and  Org. Black Cumin Oil (Nigella Sativa).

Very potent. Pleasant to eat. No refrigeration required.

Recommended use: Take ½  to 1 teaspoon 2-3 times a day.


*Fantastic anti-inflammatory.  (Our blend is naturally potent. Several people have told us that  in just 2-4  days their inflammations have been greatly reduced or eliminated.)

*Natural Liver detoxifier.

*Lowers cholesterol.

*Excellent for immune system.

*Slows symptoms of aging.

*Regulates intestinal flora.

May help prevent and treat serious disease conditions including:

*Osteoarthritis (back pain, fibromyalgia and other painful musculoskeletal conditions.)

*Liver disease                         *Lung disease

*Digestive disorders.             *Heart disease

*Depression                             *Obesity


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