We are convinced that Sita’s Turmeric Paste is the best turmeric product on the market. Our proprietary formula and process is based on fundamentals of Ayurveda, the world’s oldest and most comprehensive medical tradition. Many people who had been suffering from joint pain, stiffness and inflammations told us:

“Your turmeric paste is more effective than any turmeric product or extract I have tried.”

These unsolicited and enthusiastic testimonials inspired us and confirmed our own experiences.

Many years ago we learned our basic formula from a 95-year-old sadhu in South India.  We had noticed that this man was as limber and active as man half his age; so we asked him what his secret was. He showed us a formula for making turmeric paste, but we didn’t start making it or using it regularly until many years later – when we started feeling joint pains and stiffness from doing our farm chores. Read More