Our Story

From Hawaii with Love
“Promoting Great Health Naturally”


     Hello, my name is Sita. My husband and I produce, promote and sell Ayurveda spices, herbs, natural blends, body lotions and superfoods that promote good health.

     Our company, From Hawaii with Love, was started when I began going to various farmer’s markets in Hawaii with my fresh-made Ayurveda blends developed from recipes and techniques I learned in India and Hawaii. These markets and craft fairs are attended by local residents and visitors from around the world. Soon people began calling or writing me to ask for my pastes, blends and fresh spices.

     We now have customers all over the USA who purchase online from us here and we are expanding internationally. We also have a growing list of wholesale customers, including Island Naturals (three Big Island stores), Abundant Life, clinics, physical therapists, yoga groups and natural food stores on the Mainland and other Hawaiian islands.

     From Hawaii with Love lost our business office to the 2018 Kilauea lava flow and our home is under 20 feet of lava! Our community has transformed due to this wild natural disaster and so has our reverence for Tutu Pele.  Our products have helped many to recover from toxic vog exposure and trauma.  Many of our customers swear by our Ashwagandha Paste because it's amazing for stress and insomnia.

     We started receiving many testimonials praising the effectiveness of Sita’s Turmeric Paste. People told us it greatly helped their stiff joints and joint pain and other inflammations. This confirmed our own experiences with the blend. (It may take 3 or 4 days to feel the first effects.)

     One lady told us it cured a persistent blood problem she had been having and had been unable to cure with other medicines, both pharmaceutical and natural. One man, who had originally taken the blend for joint pain, told us it also had helped relieve his chronic depression. Another man told us his mother had canceled her scheduled knee surgery after taking our turmeric paste blend for just 2 weeks. Some people told us they had been taking other turmeric products or extracts that had not been as effective as our turmeric paste blend. Hearing such amazing testimonials inspired us to create this website –so we can offer everyone the opportunity to benefit from this highly beneficial food supplement.

     Although the FDA generally will not acknowledge the benefits of most natural remedies, many people are turning to Ayurveda, other safe traditional remedies, and natural food regimes and diets to help treat or prevent varieties of ailments ranging from acne to Alzheimer’s.

Our Commitment to Holistic Remedies:

     Our commitment to Ayurveda and quality herbs and food products is based on our spiritual convictions, practical experiences, and years of living naturally in or near jungles in both India and Hawaii, where many people still rely on herbal medicines and tonics for the treatment and prevention of many ailments and diseases.

     We have learned many natural remedies and methods of combining and using various medicinal herbs and spices, and we will gradually add other valuable herbal products to our inventory. We are not Ayurvedic doctors and do not prescribe cures or diagnose diseases. We are promoting a few safe, potent natural blends, general tonics, superfoods, and spices that have been used for eons for the purpose of boosting our immune systems and regulating digestion and other essential bodily functions.

     Our products are generally safe to take daily with other medicines–as daily preventatives or tonics. In recent years, as we have grown older, we have personally witnessed the power of Ayurvedic herb-based methodologies in diagnosing and treating many aliments that were persistent, hard-to-cure, hard-to-diagnose, and/or life-threatening. Moreover, we have seen the effectiveness of Ayurveda prescriptions for fasting, dieting, detox, general nutrition and hygiene. Ayurveda is effective in diagnosis, treatment and prevention because it takes into account all aspects of one’s general physiology. And it works, largely, by naturally boosting our immune systems.

     For now, we are producing only a few of the safest and most effective Ayurveda and herbal products: Sita’s Turmeric Paste, Sita’s Ashwagandha Paste, Indian spices, Black Seed Oil, Infused Honey, Ayurvedic Body Oils, Sita’s Natural Clove Toothpowder, and a uniquely potent green food powder — The Ultimate Superfood Blend. We are also producing and packaging fresh-ground organic spices, organic coconut blossom sugar, organic coconut milk powder, organic body lotions, spicy sea salts, infused raw honeys, and other products to help you attain and maintain your optimum health naturally.

     Om Tat Sat.